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G. Caballes, Dennis

  • School Heads Competence and Qualifications: It’s Influence on the School Performance

  • A Study on the Mental Fatigue Factors and Stress Management of Teachers in the Times of Pandemic

  • Exploring Between SHS Strand and College Course Mismatch: Bridging the Gap Through School Policy on Intensified Career Guidance Program

  • Development of Instructional Video in Teaching Science: A Teacher’s Perspective

  • Learning Approaches of Grade 11 Students in Physics at Antipolo City Senior High School

  • Students’ Learning Styles: Basis for Construction of Classroom Performance Rubric

  • A Module in Teaching Science, Technology, and Society for Non-Science College Students

  • Technological Knowledge and Technological Pedagogical Knowledge of Science Teachers: Basis for Faculty Development

  • Misconceptions in Chemistry of High School Teachers and its Origin

  • DepEd Commons: Sustaining Students’ Learning in Physical Science

  • Nurses’ Appraisal System in the City of Manila: An Evaluation

  • Context-Based Approach in the Teaching of Concave and Convex Lenses: Towards Students Motivation and Academic Performance

  • Enhancing Students’ Academic Performance in Earth Science through Guided Discovery Learning

  • Results-Based Science Curriculum Supervision in Dela Paz National High School

  • The Use of Clinical Supervision and its Effect to the Classroom Observation Tool Performance of Teachers

  • Effect of Digitization of School Forms on the Stress Level and Human Relations of Public Secondary School Teachers in Fifth District of Manila

  • Strains on Human Relation caused by Data Management at the Planning Office: Stimuli for the Improvement of its Policies and Development of Information System

  • Online Child-Friendly Survey: An Evaluation of RTU-SHS Students