Indira Management Review

Indira Management Review

Publisher: Indira School of Business Studies
Editor: Dr. Komal Singh
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0974-3928
Frequency: Annual


The post-liberalisation era has seen a sea change in the way business is practised in India; and the influence of the world business scene cannot now be wished away by Indian businesses, if they want to survive in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Decision making needs to be not only swift, but very precise and effective. This is possible when it is backed by the power of information and knowledge. Indira Management Review, a half yearly journal that will attempt to ceaselessly bring to industry, business and services the latest in scholarly research pertaining to their sector, thus making a valuable contribution to the growth of Indian enterprise.

Table of Contents

Vol 13 (2019)

Research Papers

Social Media Marketing and SMEs:Is it a Winning Combination in Singapore? An Analysis
Alby Anand Kurian, Sabrina Asokan, Sagar Dham
 Vol 13 (2019), Pagination: 9-33
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 541  |  PDF Views: 115
An Empirical Study on Strategy Implementation of SME in VUCA:A Case of Health Care and Wellness Start Up
Srushti Malkar, Anuja Johri
 Vol 13 (2019), Pagination: 34-44
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 505  |  PDF Views: 156
Role of Customer Service to Develop as an Entrepreneur in Automobile Service Sector
Jyoti Bhanage
 Vol 13 (2019), Pagination: 45-52
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 482  |  PDF Views: 123
An Analytical Study of Volatility of Stock Price to Establish the Efficiency of Stock Market
Anagha Bhope Bobde
 Vol 13 (2019), Pagination: 53-68
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A Study of Impact of Behavioural Training on Individual Performance Measured through Kirkpatrick Model for Select Software Firms in Pune
Rupesh Andhrutkar
 Vol 13 (2019), Pagination: 69-85
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 586  |  PDF Views: 137
Study of the Leading Sectors of Indian Economy after GST Implementation-A Literature Review
Megha Agrawal
 Vol 13 (2019), Pagination: 86-100
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