Indian Welding Journal

Indian Welding Journal

Publisher: The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India)
Editor: Dr. Santanu Das
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0046-9092
Frequency: Quarterly


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Indian Welding Journal is the official journal of the Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) being published quarterly since 1968. It is published in Technical Association with The American Welding Society. Original articles published in Indian Welding Journal are indexed by EBSCO-USA, Crossref-USA, i-Scholar, j-Gate and Indian Citation Index.

Original articles on welding, joining and cutting are invited from prospective authors, and articles are to send to the Chief Editor through email ID: Article submission guidelines are available in There is no page charges, and articles are published free of any cost. Articles are double-blind peer reviewed, and plagiarism checked by Crossref system powered by ithenticate.

Table of Contents

Vol 57, No 1 (2024)


Santanu Das
DOI: 10.22486/iwj.v57.i1.223724 ,  Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 15-15
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TIT Bit in Welding

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in Welding
Surendra Vaidya
 Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 36-37
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Importance of Earthing of Completion of Electrical Circuit with Minimum Resistance in Welding
Surendra Vaidya
 Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 38-39
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Research Articles

Joint Characteristics of Cu-Ni Alloy Fabricated by GTAW and MPAW Processes: A Comparative Study
Swagat Dwibedi, Swarup Bag
DOI: 10.22486/iwj.v57i1.223725 ,  Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 40-50
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Green Welding – The Saviour
Rituraj Bose
DOI: 10.22486/iwj.v57i1.223726 ,  Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 51-55
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Investigations on Transient Temperature Distribution and Distortion in Shielded Metal Arc Welding of SA 516 Gr. 70 Steel
Kalpeshkumar M. Sojitriya, V. D. Kalyankar, K. V. Champaneria, G. P. Chudasma
DOI: 10.22486/iwj.v57i1.223728 ,  Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 56-70
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Artificial Neural Networks Based Prediction of Penetration in Activated Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
Samarendra Acharya, Debasish Gonda, Santanu Das
DOI: 10.22486/iwj.v57i1.223729 ,  Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 71-79
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Welding of Steel - Its Mechanism and Applications in Multiple Sectors
A. K. Vaish, Ritesh Patel, B. J. Chauhan, S. D. Kahar, Ankit Bhojani, K. M. Bhaisaheb, Keshva Narayana
DOI: 10.22486/iwj.v57i1.223730 ,  Vol 57, No 1 (2024), Pagination: 80-86
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