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Kumar, Sanjay

  • Helping a Suicidal Person: a Psychologist's Approach

  • Psycho-Social Causes of Traumatic Experiences in Different Age Groups of Women's Life

  • Significant Predictors for Resilience among a Sample of Undergraduate Students: Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude

  • A Study of Life Satisfaction, Marital Adjustment, and Psychological Distress in Perimenopausal Women

  • Role of Health and Emotions in Promotion of Well-Being:Current Thoughts in Indian Perspective

  • Marital Adjustment, Depression and Stress in Late Married Working Women

  • Psychological Well-Being of Elected Women Representatives in Relation to Social Support

  • Impact of Assertiveness Training on the Level of Assertiveness, Self-Esteem, Stress, Psychological Well-Being and Academic Achievement of Adolescents