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Tualeka, Abdul Rohim

  • The Correlation IUDs Use Duration and Types of IUDs with Blood Curprum (Cu) Levels in Women with IUD Contraception: A Cross-Sectional Study

  • Relationship Individual Factors with Sickness Absence in Hospital

  • Identification of Related Factors to Safety Behavior Perception in PT. Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk. Plant Bandung

  • Determining Benzene Concentration Safe Level at Gas Stations in Pancoranmas Depok, Indonesia

  • Relationship Patterns of Rest with Blood Chromium Levels of Workers at Leather Industry Magetan

  • Noise Relationship with Complaints of Disorders of Hearing in Crafts Industry with Iron in Parigi Moutong District

  • Evaluation of Eye Relaxation to Decrease Eye Strain in PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Unit Sragen

  • The Relationship of Work Instructions Compliance with Safe Behavior of Production Part Workers in PT X

  • The Relationship of Age and Work Period with Hearing Disorders on Workers Which are Exposed to Noise Above Threshold Limit Value of Loom Part Weaving Ajl Department in Pt Bintang Asahi Tekstil Industry

  • Relationship of Individual Characteristics and Noise Intensity with Subjective Hearing Loss to Workers at Pt. X

  • The Individual Factor and the Quality of Building’s Physical Environment in Correlation with the Occurrence of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) on Employees of PT. Telkom Jembe

  • Shift Working Relationship with Blood Pressure in Excess Noise Workers Exposed NAB Spinning in the Department of the Winding Pt Star Asahi Textile Industry

  • The Effect of Employment Time with the Low Back Pain Disorders on Workers in the ‘X’ Carpet Fitting Work Unit Pasuruan

  • Relationship Individual Factors with Sickness Absence in Hospital