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Prakash, Jyoti

  • On Rotatory Hydrodynamic Triply Diffusive Convection in Porous Medium

  • Linear Stability Analysis of Multicomponent Convection

  • On the Onset of Stationary Convection in Double-Diffusive Binary Viscoelastic Fluid Saturated Anisotropic Porous Layer

  • A Characterization Theorem in Magnetohydrodynamic Triply Diffusive Convection with Viscosity Variations

  • An Energy Relationship in Multicomponent Convection Problem

  • Characterization of Magnetorotatory Thermohaline Instability in Porous Medium:Darcy Model

  • Upper Limits to the Complex Growth Rates in Triply Diffusive Convection in Porous Medium

  • Upper Bounds for the Complex Growth Rate of Thermohaline Convection of Veronis and Stern Types with Viscosity Variations

  • On the Characterization of Nonoscillatory Motions in Triply Diffusiveconvection in Porous Medium

  • A Semi-Circle Theorem in Triply Diffusive Convection