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Chand, Khem

  • Injection/Suction Effect on MHD Convective Flow through Porous Medium Filled in a Vertical Porous Channel with Heat Radiation and Chemical Reaction

  • Radiating and Dissipative Flow with Induced Magnetic Field over a Porous Vertical Plate

  • Hydromagnetic Flow of Dusty Viscoelastic (walter's Liquid Model-B) Fluid Past a Plate with Chemical Reaction and Soret Effect

  • Effect of Rotation on Free Convective Flow on Vertically Upwards Heated Plate with Gravity Modulation in Slip Flow Region

  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Radiating and Chemically Reacting MHD Oscillating Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid in Vertical Channel in Slip Flow Regime

  • On Heat and Mass Transfer in Chemically Reacting and Radiating Viscoelastic MHD Flow through Porous Medium in Vertical Channel