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Informatics was promoted three and half decades ago with a vision to be a leading global player in the electronic information Business. Headquartered in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, the Company has a team of over 150 well-qualified personnel and a sales network spread over length and breadth of India. Additionally, the company is backed up by a team of over 200 home-based workers that the company has developed in the last fifteen years who are constantly trained by the Company in various tasks of information handling for various content development projects. The company currently has a client base of more than 3000 customers in India and abroad across the higher education and publishing segments.

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 Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels

Publisher:Books & Journals Private Ltd.
Editor: Dr. Jayanta Bhattachrya
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 0022-2755
Frequency: Monthly

 Journal of Natural Remedies

Publisher:Informatics Publishing Limited and Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
Editor: Dr. M. K. Mohan Maruga Raja
Online ISSN: 2320-3358, Print ISSN: 0972-5547
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Network and Information Security

Publisher:Publishing India Group
Editor: Dr. Pooja Taneja
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2321-6859
Frequency: Biannual

 Journal of Organization and Human Behaviour

Publisher:Publishing India Group
Editor: Dr. Parul Rishi
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2277-3274
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Publisher:Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy
Editor: Dr. Chandramouli R
Online ISSN: 2454-8405, Print ISSN: 0093-7200
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Physics & Astronomy

Publisher:Trade Science Inc.
Editor: Dr. Alex Granik
Online ISSN: 2320-6764, Print ISSN: 2320–6756
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy (India Section)

Publisher:Informatics Publishing Limited and Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy (Indian Section)
Editor: Prof. O.P. Kharbanda
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 0970-2199
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Pure and Applied Ultrasonics

Publisher:Ultrasonics Society of India, New Delhi
Editor: Prof. S K Jain
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0256-4637
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Rural and Industrial Development

Publisher:Publishing India Group
Editor: Amit Kumar Dwivedi
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2321-1873
Frequency: Biannual

 Journal of Rural Development

Publisher:National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad
Editor: Dr. K Papamma
Online ISSN: 2582-4295, Print ISSN: 0970-3357
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Publisher:National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, New Delhi
Editor: editor
Online ISSN: 0975-1084, Print ISSN: 0022-4456

 Journal of Scientific and Technical Research (Sharda University, Noida)

Publisher:Publishing India Group
Editor: Prof. R. M. Mehra
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 2278-3350
Frequency: Biannual

 Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Publisher:Publishing India Group
Editor: Dr. Subhash C. Kundu
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2277-2138
Frequency: Triannual

 Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems

Publisher:Publishing India Group
Editor: Dr. Rameshwar Dubey
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2277-1387
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Surface Science and Technology

Publisher:Informatics Publishing Limited & Indian Society for Surface Science and Technology (ISSST)
Editor: Prof. S.P. Moulik
Online ISSN: 0976-9420, Print ISSN: 0970-1893
Frequency: Biannual

 Journal of the Association of Engineers, India

Publisher:The Association of Engineers, India
Editor: Dr. Santanu Das
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0368-1106
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society

Publisher:Ramanujan Mathematical Society
Editor: E. Sampath Kumar
Online ISSN: 2320-3110, Print ISSN: 0970-1249
Frequency: Quarterly

 Journal of Thermodynamics

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Bill Acree
Online ISSN: 1687-9252, Print ISSN: 1687-9244
Frequency: Annual


 Karnataka Anaesthesia Journal

Editor: K. Sudheesh
Online ISSN: 2394-9775, Print ISSN: 2394-6954
Frequency: Quarterly

 Kathmandu School of Law Review

Publisher:Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal
Editor: Yubaraj Sangroula
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2091-2110
Frequency: Bi-annual

 KHOJ: Journal of Indian Management Research and Practices

Publisher:MAEER's MIT School of Management, Pune
Editor: Dr. Sayalee Gankar
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0976-8262
Frequency: Biannual


 Lloyd Business Review

Online ISSN: , Print ISSN:


 Management Dynamics

Publisher:Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow
Editor: Dr. Anubhav Mishra
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0972-5067
Frequency: Biannual

 Manufacturing Technology Today

Publisher:Central Manufacturing Technology Institute
Editor: Dr. Nagahanumaiah
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0972-7396
Frequency: Monthly

 Media Watch

Publisher:Media Watch
Editor: Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj
Online ISSN: 2249-8818, Print ISSN: 0976-0911
Frequency: Triannual

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