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Mazumdar, Asis

  • Irrigation Water Availability for Oil Palm Cultivation in Areas Affected by Shifting Cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Study on Hydrology and Drought in the Flood Region of Damodar River Basin

  • Small Hydropower Site Selection Using Spatial-Fuzzy Expert System: A Case Study

  • Aquifer Characteristics of the Intake Wells on Damodar River near Raniganj, West Bengal, India

  • A Plan for the Enhancement of Backwater for Irrigation for Sustainable Livelihood of Rural Communities at Magrahat Basin, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

  • Bed Shear Stresses Past a Flat Plate under Clear Water Equilibrium Scour State

  • Effect of the Variation of Inter-Particle Separation Distance and Separation Time on Escape Velocity of Sediment Particles of a River Bank under the Action of Cohesive and Viscous Forces

  • Determination of The Escape Velocity of Particles on A Riverbank Using the Truncated Pyramid Model

  • Influence of Viscosity on Sediment Transport along a River Bank

  • Effect of Cohesive and Seepage Force on A Bank Sediment Particle

  • Comparison of Flow Fields around a Horizontal Cylinder Placed at Different Depths on the Water Channel