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Arunkumar, B.

  • Effect of Spacing, Planting Methods and Mulching on Growth and Floral Parameters in Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybridus L) cv. AMERICAN BEAUTY

  • Yield Performance and Economic of Tamarind Based Intercropping Systems under Northern Dry Zone of Karnataka

  • Performance of Intercrops and Interception of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) under Tamarind Based Intercropping Systems

  • Effect of Plant Density, Planting Methods and Mulching on Floral and Cormal Parameters in Gladiolus (gladiolus Hybridus l.)

  • Traffic Aware Relay Node Lifetime for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • An Approach to Node Elevated Repositioning Technique for Geocast Routing Protocol in MANETs

  • Efficient Query Result Navigation Using Top Down Navigation Model

  • Vehicular Automatic Speed Control, Monitoring and Tracking in ARM Platform

  • Modern PID Controller for Stable Systems

  • RTOS Based Dynamic Scheduler in Power Quality Applications

  • Ensembled Adaboost Machine Learning Algorithm With Nonlinear Regression Tree For Energy Aware Data Gathering In WSN

  • A Study on Relevance of Post Graduation Research in Plant Sciences: A Case Study of Karnataka State Agricultural Universities