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Singh, Dinesh

  • Some Representations on Multiindices Unified Voigt Functions

  • Achievement Motivation and Academic Achievement:A Correlated Study

  • Correlates of Life Satisfaction

  • Fractional Kinetic Equation with a Generalized Lauricella Confluent Hypergeometric Function in their Kernels

  • Foreign Body Bronchiectasis in an Adult

  • Spirituality and Happiness: A Correlated Study

  • Attitude of Indian Youth towards Marriage and Family Relations

  • Happiness: A Central Objective of Positive Psychology

  • Iris Recognition:An Eagle-Eye Security System

  • Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Wild Raspberry (Rubus ellipticus Smith) Native to North-Western Himalayan Region

  • Expression of Genetic Variability and Character Association in Raspberry (Rubus ellipticus Smith) Growing Wild in North-Western Himalayas

  • Swirl Diffuser Design and Performance Characteristics for Air Flow in Air Conditioning of an Automobile-A Review

  • Clinical Personality Patterns in HIV Patients Adopting Problem Focused and Emotional Focused Ways of Coping

  • A Study of Psychological (Personality) Correlates of Criminal Behaviour

  • A Comparative Study of Criminals and Non-Criminal on Physiological Correlates (Heart Rate and Galvanic Skin Response)

  • Happiness:An Overview and the Ways of Enhancing it