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Mishra, Geetanjali

  • Food Resource Exploitation in Ladybirds:Consequences of Prey Species and Size

  • Ethnopharmacological Story of Guggul Sterones:An Overview

  • Ladybird, Menochilus Sexmaculatus (Fabricius) Can Survive o Oophagy but with Altered Fitness than Aphidophagy

  • Food Availability Rhythm Affects Reproduction in Consecutive Generations of Ladybird, Propylea dissecta

  • Food Plasticity for Mating and Reproductive Success in Propylea dissecta (Mulsant) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

  • Limb regeneration modulates reproductive attributes in ladybirds in Propylea dissecta and Coccinella septempunctata

  • Sexual Selection in Insects

  • Substitution Rate Estimation of Molecular Markers to Evaluate Evolutionary Aspects in Ladybird Beetles