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Bunker, L. N.

  • Stress and Anxiety among Athletes

  • Implicit and Explicit Memory Bias for Words Related to Food, Shape and Body Parts in Obese and Normal Weight Females

  • Psychological Time: Interval Length Judgments and Subjective Passage of Time Judgments

  • Behavioral Assessment of Mentally Retarded (M.R.) Children

  • Neurotic Patterns in Normal Individuals and Tuberculosis Patients

  • Quality of Life and Marital Satisfaction in Relation to Love Matched Marriage and Arranged Marriage Couples

  • Emotional Intelligence and Personality Factors among Private and Government School Students

  • Ego-Strength and Family Environment of Schizophrenic Patients

  • A Study of Psychological Well-Being and Life Satisfaction among Young Adults

  • Emotional Maturity and Family Environment of Criminal