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Padhi, M. M.

  • Evaluation of Quality Control Parameters for Srngyadi Churna – A Potential Ayurvedic Formulation

  • Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Singhanada guggulu and Vatari guggulu: A Pharmacological Study

  • Ayurvedic, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Profile of Aegle marmeolus (Linn.) Corrae - A Review

  • Remediable Medicinal Plants Used for Dysmenorrhea Treatment-A Short Review

  • A Review on Hiptage benghalensis (Madhavilata) used as an Ayurvedic Drug

  • Simple, Rapid and Precise Method for Quality Assessment of Different Parts of Aegle marmelos L. Used in Indian System of Medicine

  • HPTLC Profile of Important Indian Spices used in Ayurvedic Formulations

  • Comparative Studies on Quality Assessment of Trachyspermum Ammi Linn. Seeds Collected from Different locations of Punjab State

  • Comparative Study of Various Plants of Piperaceae Family Commonly Used in Ayurvedic Formulations

  • Evaluation of Standardization Parameters for Sitopaladi Churna an Ayurvedic Formulation

  • Studies on Standardization of Tephrosia purpurea Linn - An Important Ayurvedic Drug

  • A Comparative Study of the Quality Assessment of Vitex negundo Linn Leaves Collected from Three Different Geographical Locations