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Singh, Mahendra P.

  • Organic Maturation Study of Permian Coal Seams, Rajmahal Basin, Bihar

  • Microstructural Studies and Distribution of Mineral Matter in the Macroscopic Ingredients of Coal, Jharia Coalfield, India·: An Appraisal of SEM Study

  • Role of Microstructures in the Spontaneous Combustion of Raniganj Coals: A SEM Study

  • Morphology and Genesis of Kaolinite in Coals: A Sem Study

  • On the Heavy Minerals of Lower Gondwana: Sediments of Ghugus Coalfield, Wardha Valley, Maharashtra, India

  • On the Origin of Fusain in the Tertiary Coals of Meghalaya

  • Indications of Hydrocarbon Generation in the Coal Deposits of the Rajmahal Basin, Bihar: Revelations of Flourescence Microscopy

  • Mineral Matter in the Lrajmahal Coals: Study Through Incident Light Microscopy and Scanning Electron Micrography

  • Morphology, Maceral Association and Distribution of Pyrite in the Tertiary Coals of Northeast India: a Proposal for the Classification of High Sulphur Coals

  • Evidence of Pyrolysis of Resinite in Coal through Thermal Maturation Vis-à-vis Hydrocarbon Generation: an Example from the Oligocene Coals of Upper Assam

  • Petrography and Depositional Environments of the Permian Coal Deposits of Deoghar Basin, Bihar

  • Hydrocarbon Emigration through Microfracturing in Vitrinite: Am Example from the Oligocene Coals of Borjan Coalfield, Nagaland

  • Source Rock Characteristics and Maturation of Palaeogene Coals, Northeast India