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Mehta, Manju

  • Effect of Sex Role Orientation upon Organizational Role Stress among Female Government Doctors

  • Knowledge About Indoor Plants by Homemakers in Hisar City

  • Occupational Health Problems among Female Sewing Machine Operators

  • Assessment of Workplace Environment for Sewing Machine Activity

  • Perception of Sewing Operators Regarding Work Worker and Workplace

  • Gender Differences in Subtypes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Analysis of Musculoskeletal Disorders of Workers in Grape Cultivation

  • A Postural Load Occupational Risk in Grape Cultivation

  • Psychological Satisfaction and Constraints in Applying Vastu Principles in Homes

  • Effectiveness of Parent-Led Interventions for Autism and Other Developmental Disorders

  • Positive Energy Circulation and Stress Free Living through Application of Vastu Principles

  • Water Purification Methods and Practices Used at Urban Level

  • Role of Water Filters in Purification of Water

  • Psychological Satisfaction and Constraints in Applying Vastu Principles in Homes

  • Awareness of Waterborne Diseases and Water Purification Practices at Household Level

  • Vastu Shastra:A Tool for Stress Free Living and Empowering Homemaker Psychologically, Physically and Esthetically

  • Capacity Building of Women of Mangali Village, Hisar Through Time Management and Entrepreneurial Training for Making Bead Crafts

  • A Critical Review and Recommendations Over Product Designing Problems Faced by New Product Designers in Agriculture

  • Distribution of Depression, Anxiety and Stress Among College Girls in Hisar

  • A Study on Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Sewing Machine Operators

  • Problems Faced by Construction Workers of Hisar City

  • A Review over the Ergonomic Assessment of the Women in Bead Works for a Healthy and Productive Work-style

  • Instrumental Activity Carried Out by Elderly in Haryana

  • Segregation of Biomedical Waste in Two Districts of Haryana State

  • A Study on the Major Accidents Faced by Elderly during Later Stage of their Ageing