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Manikandan, N.

  • Influence of Temperature on Egg Hatching and Development Time of Brown Plant Hopper

  • Effect of Auditory Feedback on Lower Limb Weight Bearing Symmetry and Gait Parameters in Patients with Hemiparesis

  • Determining Efficacy of Treatments Categorized by Diseases

  • Automatic Detection and Classification of Pulmonary Nodules on CT Images

  • Experimental Investigations on Spark Erosion Machining of Haste Alloy C-276 Using Taguchi’s Approach

  • Application of Desirability Based Hybrid Anfis Model for Optimization of Electro Discharge Machining of Hastealloy C-276

  • Experimental Investigations on Wire Edm of AI-SiC Composite Using Taguchi’s Approach

  • Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms among Incognizant Patients Visiting a Hospital