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Geervani, P.

  • Fish Consumption and its Effect on the Serum Lipid Profile of Population in Coastal Town of Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Assessment of Therapeutic Value of Low Cost Supplementary Food, Pushti

  • Evaluation of the Nutritional Status of Malnourished Children and the Attitude of the Mothers in a Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre

  • Structure, Composition and Physical Properties of Legume Starches

  • Effect of Different Heat Treatments on Losses of Lysine and Tryptophan in Wheat Products

  • Losses of some Nutrients in Cereal, Millet and Legume Recipes Commonly Consumed in Andhra Pradesh

  • Effect of Home Processing on the Nutrient Composition of Certain High Yielding Legume Varieties

  • Acceptability of Fortified Wheat Products

  • Diet and Nutrition of Pregnant and Lactating Women and Infants of Urban Slums of Hyderabad