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Singh, Prashant

  • Invasive Alien Plant Species of Varanasi District, their Source Region and Use Potential

  • Solanum diphyllum L. (Solanaceae) - a New Record for Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Resource Management

  • Performance Analysis of Rotavator and Other Tillage Implement Driven by the Tractor

  • Performance Evaluation of Happy Seeder for Sowing Wheat Crop in Combined Harvested

  • Performance and Evaluation of Laser Land Leveler with Conventional Method in Allahabad

  • Effect of Vacuum Tumbling on Sensory Quality of Marinated Chicken Products

  • Estimation and comparison of energy input–output and efficiency indices for rice–wheat agroecosystems of Doon Valley, India

  • “Prices Rise as Morality Falls” – A Story of Turing Pharmaceuticals

  • Pharmacovigilance programme in India (PvPI): History, Current scenario, future aspects and role in COVID 19