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Jain, R. K.

  • Effect of a Decade Old Tree Stands on Some Properties of Soils while Revegetating Sodic Wastelands

  • Influence of Canopy on Soil Composition of Man-made Forest in Alkali Soil of Banthra (Lucknow)

  • Development of PF Resin from Rice Straw Lignin Solid for Plywood Composite

  • Sedimentary Structures and Paleocurrent Analysis of the Barakar Sandstone in Chirimiri (Kurasja) Coalfield, Madhya Pradesh

  • Occurrence of Vertebraria indica (Unger) Feistmantel, 1877 - An Evidence for Coal-Forming Vegetation in Kothagudem Area, Godavari Graben, Telangana

  • Faculty Evaluation Scheme for Engineering Institutions by Factor Analysis Approach

  • Isolation and Characterization of a Virus Infecting Chilli in Eastern Uttar Pardessh

  • Effect of Operating Parameters on the Performance of Abrasive Flow Machining Process

  • Development and Validation of Marker-Free Constructs Based on Nucleocapsid Protein Gene of Watermelon Bud Necrosis Orthotospovirus in Watermelon

  • Effect of Foliar and Soil Application of Potassium on Soybean (Glycine max L.)

  • Study of Pavement Performance Indicators:RII Approach