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Deepa, R.

  • Hard Fibroma-a Rare Case Report

  • Efficient Transmission of Jpeg Compressed Images over Mimo System Employing Spatial Multiplexing

  • Optimization of Fuzzy based PD Controller

  • Development of a Fast, Reliable Fringe Projection Profilometry System

  • Human Resource Management Practices in Coimbatore - With Special Reference to the Manufacturing Sector

  • Ginger Rhizome Powder on Dysmenorrhea

  • Education on Prevention of Swine Flu among Early Adults in Sri Ramakrishna Arts and Science College, Coimbatore

  • Reality Shock

  • Convergence Theorem for Fuzzy Random Variables

  • Opthalmic Exercises on Myopia

  • Aldosterone Escape

  • Diabetic Foot Care:A Study

  • Emotional Intelligence and Personality of Merchandisers: An Empirical Analysis