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Gayathri, R.

  • Recognizing the Sensor Data in Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Enabling Volunteered Geographic Service Sharing for Emergency

  • Performance Evaluation of Multimodal Biometric System Using Fusion of Iris and Face

  • Shared Disk Big Data Analytics using Apache Hadoop

  • Moving Object Detection and Counting Using Fuzzy Color Histogram Features

  • Dolly Shaped Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth Implementing Reactive Impedance Surface and L Shaped Slots on Ground for UMTS (SATCOM) Application

  • Connecting Health Seekers and Health Care Knowledge Portal by a Semantic Approach

  • Coastal Inundation Research:An overview of the Process

  • Awareness of Risk Factors for Obesity among College Students in Tamil Nadu:A Questionnaire Based Study

  • Sentiment Analysis and Prediction using Text Mining

  • Simultaneous Reduction of Four Wave Mixing and Stimulated Raman Scattering Using Duobinary Modulation Format in DWDM Fiber Optic Communication System

  • Detecting Criminal Attacks Using Rowhammer Technology

  • Clinical Assessment on Knowledge of Garments Dust Induced Bronchial Asthma among Kongu Nadu Textile Workers

  • Efficient Non-Local Averaging Algorithm For Medical Images For Improved Visual Quality

  • A Methodology for Unsupervised Feature Learning in Hyperspectral Imagery Using Deep Belief Network

  • Improving Medical Image Processing Using an Enhanced Deep Learning Algorithm

  • An Improvised Ensemble CNN Algorithm for Detectting Video Stream in MultimediaAn Improvised Ensemble CNN Algorithm for Detectting Video Stream in Multimedia