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Meera, R.

  • Design and Implementation of Low Power and High Performance AES Algorithm using FPGA

  • Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory, Antipyretic and Antifungal Activity of Solanum laeve Dunal

  • HPTLC Analysis and Phytochemical Investigation of Leaves of Euphoria longan

  • Synthesis and Biological Screening of Some Novel 4-Thiazolidinone Derivatives

  • Antibacterial Activity of Crude Extracts and Semi Synthetic Hydrazone Derivatives of Rimelia reticulata

  • Apoptosis Significance and Molecular Mechanisms-A Review

  • Physio-Chemical Investigation and Wound Healing Activity of Sesame Oil and Formulated Oil

  • Phyto-Physico Chemical Evaluation, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti Microbial Activities of Aerial Parts of Gmelina asiatica

  • Two-Dictionary Approach of Audio Watermarking with Image Embedded

  • Effectiveness of Modified Trunk Dissociation Retrainer in Improving Trunk Control in Subjects with Infantile Hemiplegia

  • Effect of Core Training with and without Yogic Practices on Elasticity among College Female Athletes