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Rajesh, R.

  • Effect of Leaf Galls of Piper nigrum Linn. Against Carageenan Induced Inflammation in Albino Rats

  • Lingual Orthodontics

  • Hepatoprotective Activity of Borreria hispida on Paracetamol Induced Liver Damage

  • Antistress Activity of Aqueous Extract of Leaves of Centella asiatica. Linn by In Vivo Methods

  • A Delay Aware Tree Based Technique in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Implementation of WAP Gateway Technologies through Wireless Communication

  • Improvement of Optimal Process Parameters in EDM of Aluminium Based Alloy and Composite Materials Using RSM

  • Analysis of Microstructural, Corrosion and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Titanium Diboride Particles (Al-TiB2) Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs)

  • Development of Hybrid Modeling and Prediction of SR in EDM of AISI1020 Steel Material Using ANFIS

  • Prediction of EDM Process Parameters for a Composite Material using RBFNN and ANN through RSM

  • Antidepressant Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Leaves of Centella asiatica. Linn by In vivo Methods

  • Intelligent Social Media Notification System for Discourse App

  • Dual Transmitter–Receiver Electromagnetic System for Lateral Boundary Detection of Subsurface Formations

  • Effects of Adaption Gain in Direct Model Reference Adaptive Control for a Single Conical Tank System

  • A Modified Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Topology for Distributed Energy Resources

  • Channel Modelling and Performance Characterization of Underwater Visible Light Communication

  • Improvement on the Characteristics of Transformer Oil using Nanofluids

  • Al2O3-coated Fe3O4/graphene/TiO2 Hybrid Nanocomposite Mixture as Anode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries