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Dubey, S. K.

  • Study the Adoption and Area Expansion of Intervent Technology through OFT and VT under Mandar Block of Ranchi District

  • Ergonomic Evaluation of Different Improved Sickles in Paddy Harvesting

  • Attitude and Opinion Changed of Farmers after Involvement under Technology Assessment and Refinement Programme

  • Trend and Change Point Detection of Precipitation in Urbanizing Districts of Uttarakhand in India

  • Diversity in Balanites Aegyptiaca : A Lesser Known Tree Species in the Yamuna Ravines

  • Can Post Offices of Rural India be the Driver for Agricultural Technology Dissemination? Experiences of Action Research

  • Plant Science Research

  • Technology for Rehabilitation of Yamuna Ravines - Cost-Effective Practices to Conserve Natural Resources through Bamboo Plantation

  • Temporal Adaptation of Agricultural Extension Systems in India

  • Futurology of Farm Extension Services in India

  • Study of Anti Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activity from Ethanol Fraction of Thuja occidentalis Linn

  • Analysis of Composite Beams Using an Elasticity Method

  • Study of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint

  • Flow Analysis of IC Engines

  • The Climate Change Programme of the Department of Science and Technology

  • Quantitative Assessment of Crop Species Diversity in Shifting Cultivation System o Eastern Himalaya

  • Is Rubber Monoculture Banishing Agrobiodiversity and Happiness? Evidences from Shifting Cultivation Landscape of Tripura, Northeast India