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Patil, S. M.

  • Unique Approaches to Vaccine Development Formulation and Delivery

  • Quality Assurance in Clinical Trial

  • Pre-Formulation and Evaluation of Herbo-Mineral Ointment and Cream

  • Nanocapsules as a Novel Drug Delivery System

  • Characterization and Evaluation of Glibenclamide Transmucosal Drug Delivery System

  • Antidiabetic Activity of Marsilea quadrifolia linn in Alloxan-Diabetic Rats

  • Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Orthosiphon Stamnineus Benth Bark Extract

  • Antimicrobial Activity of Saussurea lappa Clarke Roots

  • Synthesis and Biological Activities of Some Benzothiazole Derivatives

  • Drug Design:An Emerging Era of Modern Pharmaceutical Medicines