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Deepa, S.

  • Efficient ROI Segmentation of Digital Mammogram Images using Otsu's N Thresholding Method

  • The Impact of Mobility and Node Density on MANET Routing Protocols

  • ROI Extraction of Digital Mammogram Images using Various Comparative Approaches

  • A Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Encoding Techniques for Multispectral Images

  • Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Embedded Z Source Inverter

  • Performance Evaluation on Manet Routing Protocols Using Mobility and Non Mobility Pattern

  • Isolation, Identification and Antibacterial Activity of Marine Actinomycetes Isolated from Saltpan Region

  • Utilization of Industrial Waste for the Production of Poly-Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate (Phb) by Alcaligenes eutrophus

  • Voltage Sag and Swell Mitigation Using Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer

  • Computer-Related Health Problems among White- Collar Employees: Communicating a Blueprint

  • Analysis of Cost Estimation used in Query Optimization of Fuzzy Relational Databases based on Sort-Merge Algorithm

  • Voltage Sag and Swell Mitigation Using Matrix Converter with Reduced Number of Switches

  • Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Attitude towards Alcohol Abuse among Adolescent Boys

  • Investigations on Performance Metrics of FINFET Based 8-Bit Low Power Adder Architectures Implemented using Various Logic Styles

  • Evolution of Mechanical Debridement and its Concepts