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Sumathi, S.

  • Molecular Typing and Mapping of MHC Class II-DRB3 Gene in Indian River Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

  • Face Recognition - Multi Algorithm Approach using Average Half Face

  • Comparative Study on Socio-Economic, Somatic and Dietary Status of Elderly People Living in Old Age Home and Community Set Up

  • Effect of Processing on In Vitro Starch and Protein Digestibility of White and Brown Ragi

  • Soft Computing Techniques based Recursive Error Correcting Output Code for Multi-Class Pattern Classification

  • Efficient Identification System Using Wavelet Transform and Average Half-Face

  • An Optimization Approach to Digital Image Watermarking Based on GA and PSO

  • A Novel Algorithm for Quick QRS Complex Detection in ECG Based On Discrete Wavelet Transform

  • Boolean Algebraic Algorithm for Mining Association Rules from Large Database

  • Palatal Rugae and Dental Work Information-Tools of Human Identification

  • Abduction of Newborn Infants Using Footprint Recognition

  • Application of Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problems

  • Planning, Scheduling and Optimizing Job Shop Scheduling Problem Using Genetic Algorithm

  • Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization for Optimizing Combinatorial Fuzzy Job Shop Scheduling Problems

  • Evolutionary Algorithms for Load Frequency Control in Two Area Interconnected Power System

  • Biochemical Characterization of Isolates of Alternaria helianthi (Hansf.) Tubaki and Nishihara Causing Sunflower Blight

  • Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Frequency and Voltage Control in Power Generating System

  • Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for a DWT Based Image Watermarking Scheme

  • Phytochemical Studies and in Vitro Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Melia azedarach (L) Flower

  • Sentiment Analysis and Aspect Classification on Hotel Reviews

  • Brain Tumour Segmentation Strategies Utilizing Mean Shift Clustering and Content based Active Contour Segmentation

  • Improvement on the Characteristics of Transformer Oil using Nanofluids

  • Performance Analysis of SVM and Deep Learning with CNN for Brain Tumor Detection and Classification

  • Comparative Analysis of Genetic Algorithm - Support Vector Machine and Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Detection and Classification

  • A Comprehensive Review on Role of Nutrition in Management of Breast Cancer