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Mukherjee, Sanchayan

  • Water in the Perspective of Global Economic Scenario

  • Determination of the Escape Velocity of a Particle on a Riverbank

  • Optimum Selection of Cooling Tower

  • From the Editor's Desk

  • From the Editor's Desk

  • Industrial Piping - Materials & Applications

  • Study of a Shear-Driven Flow between Two Infinitely Long Moving Parallel Plates

  • Effect of Variation of Inter-Particle Distance on the Erodibility of a Riverbank under Cohesive and Viscous Forces

  • Effect of the Variation of Inter-Particle Separation Distance and Separation Time on Escape Velocity of Sediment Particles of a River Bank under the Action of Cohesive and Viscous Forces

  • Simulation of Supercritical Bend Flow through an Open Channel

  • Determination of The Escape Velocity of Particles on A Riverbank Using the Truncated Pyramid Model

  • Influence of Viscosity on Sediment Transport along a River Bank

  • Engineering Education in India – Problems and Challenges

  • Report on the National Conference on Trends and Advances in Mechanical Engineering (TAME 2019) Held on February 15-16 2019

  • From the Desk of the Editors

  • Effect of Cohesive and Seepage Force on A Bank Sediment Particle

  • From the Desk of the Editors

  • Experimental Study of Thermal Effect on Oscillating Hydraulic Jump

  • Evaluating Cooling Coil Performance under Varying Operating Conditions