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Das, Sanjoy

  • Financing Higher Education: With Special Reference to Government General Degree Colleges of Tripura

  • Micro-indentation of a Conical Rigid Wedge by Numerical Slip-line Field Theory: A Hybrid Approach

  • Effect of Surface Roughness on the Pressure Generation in a Finite Rough Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing under Micropolar Lubrication in Steady-State

  • Impact of North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project for Upland Areas (NERCORMP) on Overall Socio-Economic and Livelihood Status of Farming Communities in Assam, India

  • Comparisons Extensions of Plastic zones for Micro-indentation of a Rigid Wedge to a semi-infinite block by Finite Element Analysis and Numerical Slip-line Field Techniques

  • Analyzing Short Porous Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Numerically Considering Micropolar Lubrication and Isotropic Roughness