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Das, Subhasish

  • Geometrical Analysis of Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Oscillation Ripples

  • Fluidized Sediment Movements and Deposition - A case study from Bisrampur, Singhbhum Dt., Eastern India

  • Depositional Framework of the Sandy Mid-Fan Complexes of the Proterozoic Chaibasa Formation, E.Singhbhum, Bihar

  • Aquifer Characteristics of the Intake Wells on Damodar River near Raniganj, West Bengal, India

  • A Plan for the Enhancement of Backwater for Irrigation for Sustainable Livelihood of Rural Communities at Magrahat Basin, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

  • Bed Shear Stresses Past a Flat Plate under Clear Water Equilibrium Scour State

  • Variations in Soil Alter Availability of Carlinoside:An Anti-Hepatitic Compound from Cajanus cajan (LINN.) Leaves

  • Clinical Spectrum of Poisoning in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Assam:A Retrospective Analysis

  • Assessment of Electrical Energy Consumption of Jai Hind Jal Prakalpa 90-101 in Kolkata, India

  • Measuring and Validating the Scale of Entrepreneurial Orientation:A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach

  • Optimized Hydraulic Design of an Water Distribution Network at West Medinipur in West Bengal:A Case Study

  • Assessment of Water Surface of Reservoirs with Varying Time and Increasing Population in Contai of West Bengal

  • Geochemical Study and Remedial Measures of Seawater Ingression in the Southern Part of Purba Medinipur District in West Bengal

  • Stress Analysis of Smart Support for Process Pipeline Systems by CAESAR Software

  • Comparison of Flow Fields around a Horizontal Cylinder Placed at Different Depths on the Water Channel

  • Experimental Study of Thermal Effect on Oscillating Hydraulic Jump

  • Analysis of Arsenic Content in Groundwater over the Years of Coastal Belt at Purba Medinipur in West Bengal