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Vimala, V.

  • Development of a High Fiber Mix and Testing its Storage Stability

  • Fish Consumption and its Effect on the Serum Lipid Profile of Population in Coastal Town of Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Assessment of Therapeutic Value of Low Cost Supplementary Food, Pushti

  • Effect of Location and Storage on Protein and Nonprotein Nitrogen Content of Pulses from Three Regions of Andhra Pradesh

  • Efficacy of Selected Pre Storage Treatments on the Keeping Quality of Sorghum Semolina

  • The Effect of Three Prestorage Treatments on the Viability of Pulses Stored in Different Containers

  • The Efficacy of tricalcium Phosphate as Pre-Storage Treatment for Greengram Stored in Rural Families (kurnool District)

  • Tissue Esterase Patterns of Muscle and Brain of Channiformes and Perciformes Fishes