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This research is about the study of the telecom sector is becoming more digital, as is the case with other sectors in the modern economy. In the modern telecommunications sector, digital transmission of voice conversations is standard, data services often outnumber voice services in significance and income, and an increasing percentage of the underlying infrastructure is now digital and software-driven. In addition, customer service and back-office processes in the telecom industry are experiencing digital transformation. The importance of data science and artificial intelligence to the industry continues to grow. Massive volumes of data are produced by the network operations, customer service activities, and infrastructure operations of telecommunications businesses. That's why there's so much focus on data science in the telecommunications industry today. With the help of data science and AI, telecom operators may be able to better understand their data and use it to do things like make their networks more reliable, save money on operating costs, and improve customer service. The use of AI in the network industry might help cut down on setup and maintenance fees, boost efficiency, provide better assistance for customers, and pave the way for the creation of brand new offerings. This document catalogs and evaluates the many AI applications that already exist and are planned for the near future. As a result of studying the existing literature's worth of applications, Due to the exponential growth of data being produced by the sector, artificial intelligence (AI) and data scientists are in high demand in the telecom business. In terms of big data expansion, Analytics Insight reports that the telecom and IT sectors account for 33% of the market. According to the forecast, expenditure on big data in telecom would increase from $59 billion in 2019 to over $105 billion in 2023. Additionally, by 2023, more than four million positions will be vacant in the industry, requiring the expertise of skilled candidates.


Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Skill, Telecom, Customer Service