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Geetha, M.

  • Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Couroupita guianensis Aubl.

  • Hepatoprotective Activity of a Benzopyrone from Tephrosia purpurea Pers

  • Antifertility Activity of Artabotrys odoratissimus Roxb. and Couroupita guianensis Aubl

  • Antidiabetic Activity of Novel Androstane Derivatives from Syzygium cuminii Linn.

  • Antidiabetic Activity of Barleria prionitis Linn.

  • Preliminary Evaluation of Hepatoprotective Activity of Trianthema portulacastrum Linn.

  • Nodulation in Rooted Stem Cuttings of Acacia auriculiformis A. Cunn. Ex. Benth

  • An Analysis between Traditional and Motion Detection Game - Using Ict Techniques

  • Internet Connectivity in Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using MPRAODV Routing Protocol

  • Histogram-Based Global Load Balancing in Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems

  • Fuzzy-Ant Based Dynamic Routing on Large Road Networks

  • Research Community Mining by Using Brush Structure Model

  • Vehicular Automatic Speed Control, Monitoring and Tracking in ARM Platform

  • Discrimination of Magnetic Inrush and Phase to Phase Fault in Transformer using Probabilistic Neural Network

  • Solving Flowshop Scheduling Problems Using a Discrete African Wild Dog Algorithm

  • Effectiveness of Multi Interventional Package on Quality of Life among Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy Drugs–Pilot Study

  • A Rare Clinical Occurrence of Canine Coccidiosis

  • User-Based Intelligent Decision Support System in Route Selection on Road Network

  • Comparative Study on Mechanical Properties of Bio Self Cured Concrete and Conventionally Cured Concrete

  • Awareness of Breast Self-examination and risk factors of Breast Cancer among Women

  • A Study on Deep Learning Methods for Skin Disease Classification