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Saranya, P.

  • Development of Palmyra Palm (Borassus flabellifer Linn.) Fruit Pulp Based Ready-to-Serve Beverage Using Response Surface Methodology

  • Efficient Resource Provisioning Using RTUOP Algorithm in Cloud Computing

  • Retrieval of Keyphrase Automatically from Video Lectures using Semi Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Secure and Scalable Sensor Data Access Network with Delay Tolerance

  • Speech Recognition based Adaptive Examination Application for Visually Impaired Students

  • Application of Data Fusion and Sensor Head Algorithm for Data Extraction from Wireless Sensor Networks

  • A Prospective Observational Study on the Attitude and Experience of Community Pharmacists towards Off-Label and Unlicensed Prescriptions for the Pediatric Population

  • Quality of Life in Patients Experiencing Diabetic Foot Ulcer:A Cross Sectional Study in a Clinical Pharmacist's Perspective

  • A Study on the Errors with Intravenous Administration of Drugs in a Tertiary Care Hospital