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India known as the ‘Abode of Gods’; is a land having religious places of worship or shrines in almost every other lane. The country is privileged of being a divine destination, a host to numerous shrines. These Religious places of worship have not only strengthened human beings in their spiritual pursuits but have also been a major source of economic value addition to society and the country. It is evident to learn that the places of worship have been a large stakeholder of the supply chain industry. From years a practice of offerings in the shrines has been prevailing which is closely related to the spiritual devotion of the devotees. This practice of offerings has enabled the system of supply chain in the regions where the shrines are situated. The complete chain of supply management has strengthened over decades. There are various religious products that are related to the religious sentiments of devotees which are manufactured at places distantly located from these shrines. The distribution of these products takes place across the country. The establishment of a shrine does not only invoke divine blessings but also provides employment thereby empowering every individual involved in the chain of supplying the products. It is important to learn how the lesser known supply chain management of shrines functions and adds value to the economic prosperity of the country. This research paper aims to throw light on the supply chain management that is enabled by Shrines in India and the economic value addition that take place resultantly. It will also focus on how the entire supply chain functions from one end to another across the country.


Shrines, Supply Chain Management, Value Addition, Religious Offerings, Religious Products, Economy.
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