Proceedings of 30th Indian Engineering Congress, the 21st Century Engineering: The Make in India Pathway

Proceedings of 30th Indian Engineering Congress, the 21st Century Engineering: The Make in India Pathway

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Conference Description: The Institution of Engineers (India), Assam State Centre is hosting the 30th Indian Engineering Congress at Guwahati from 17 to 20 December, 2015. The centre has the experience of hosting the 21st Indian Engineering Congress in 2006 very successfully. Indian Engineering Congress provides a platform for Engineers, Technocrats, Scientists, Corporate to come together to share thoughts and experiences and to deliberate upon the contribution to be made in near future for Nation building. There are spectrums of different age groups, different professions, different lifestyles and thereby the interactions evolve in new ideas and new visions.

Organised by: The Institution of Engineers (India).

Published by: Informatics Publishing Limited.


Sashindra K Kakot

Ashwini K Boruwa

Amarendra Goswami

ISBN: 978-81-931829-0-1


Use of Non-Linear Techniques to Investigate the Effect of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on Heart Rate Variability
Subhojit Sarker, Ankur Ganguly, D. N. Tibarewala
Pagination: 1-8
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DFT Study on Hydrogenation Reaction of 1-Hydroxypropan-2-One
Anand Mohan Verma, Nanda Kishore
Pagination: 9-15
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State of Art of MOIL for Introduction of Modern Technology for Underground Mining Operations in Narrow and Weak Manganese Deposits of Central India
G. G. Manekar, D. Shome, G. P. Kundargi
Pagination: 16-20
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Reliability and Security of Embedded Systems: A Study from End User Perspective
O. P. Roy, Abhijeet Singh
Pagination: 21-26
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High-Power Interconnections for Future of Indian Mega Cities
Y. Nagarjun
Pagination: 27-33
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Nanodielectrics in Power Engineering: Review and Prospects
Gorur Govinda-Raju
Pagination: 34-37
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Lean Six Sigma in Chennai Automotive Industry Cluster
E. Bhaskaran
Pagination: 38-44
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Importance of Load Flow Analysis in Voltage Stability Studies
Mitali Chakravorty, Mrinalini Das, Sarmila Patra
Pagination: 45-50
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Solutions to Problems Faced by Sugarcane Growers in the State of Karnataka – A Feasibility Study
G. B. Krishnappa, H. S. Dayananda
Pagination: 51-57
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Fly Ash Characterization and Prediction of Fly Ash and CO2 Removal Efficiencies for Indian Wet ESP
Prasun Kumar Mandal, Amitava Bandyopadhyay
Pagination: 58-62
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Economically Affordable and Clinically Reliable Vein Finder
M. Sridevi Dhakshayani, Sikkandar Mohamed Yacin
Pagination: 63-69
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Design and Experiment of Rotating Fluid Flow in a Tesla Disc Turbine
Suvanjan Bhattacharyya, Anindya Guin Ayan Haldar, Samir Kumar Saha
Pagination: 70-74
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 755  |  PDF Views: 621
Real Time Process Controlling and Monitoring by using Microprocessor
Rohit Kumar Sah, O. P. Roy
Pagination: 75-78
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Emerging Threats: Radionuclides in Drinking Water
Brajesh K. Shrivastava
Pagination: 79-83
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Development of Self Bearing Machine Using a Specialized Stator Winding
Karuna Kalita, Madhurjya Dev Choudhury, Gaurav Kumar, Sivaramakrishnan Natesan, Dipjyoti Choudhury, Ashim Kalita
Pagination: 84-88
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Recursive Visual Secret Sharing for Biometric Authentication
A. B. Rajendra
Pagination: 89-93
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Three BalloonsTM for Future Product Design
Ravi Katukam
Pagination: 94-98
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Effect of Ground Vibrations on Civil Engineering Construction
Bibha Das Saikia
Pagination: 99-107
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“Digital India”- Connecting India
Rakhi Bhardwaj
Pagination: 108-112
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 699  |  PDF Views: 433
Deployment of New Rotating Equipment Technologies in Oil & Gas Field
Somnath Subhash Mukherjee
Pagination: 113-117
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Education System for Make in India
V. K. S. Gottipati, Vara Prasad
Pagination: 118-122
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Hydrodynamics of a Tapered Bubble Column for Two-Phase Air-Water and Air-Electrolyte Systems
Sandip K. Ghosh, Soham Kundu, Amitava Bandyopadhyay
Pagination: 123-128
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Embedded Processor based System Design: A Brief Overview
Divakar Tamang, O. P. Roy
Pagination: 129-133
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Saksham – Capacity Building Program for Up - gradation of Knowledge and Skill of Indian Artisans for Make in India
Rajendrakumar V. Saraf
Pagination: 134-141
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Increased Willingness to Pay for Safe Drinking Water: A Case Study of South-West Guwahati
Rakhee Das, L. Boeing Singh, Mohammad Jawed
Pagination: 142-151
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Pathway to Make in India
Tapan Kumar Roy
Pagination: 152-158
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An Analytical Study of Thermal Waves Facing the Austenitic Steel
Sanjay R. Tiwari
Pagination: 159-162
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Valuation of Strength of Structural Steel Angle Sections, under IS Code: 800 - 1984 – A Case Study with Equal Vis-a-Vis Unequal Angles
Manoj Kumar Varshaney, Nivesh Kumar Varshney
Pagination: 163-171
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Generation of Hydero Power from Small Sources to Support Manufracturing in Rural Areas of North East India
D. Kedia
Pagination: 172-173
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Strategies for Sustainable Hydrocarbon Processing
M. P. Sukumaran Nair
Pagination: 174-186
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 614  |  PDF Views: 336
Challenges in Modern Shipbuilding Technology-Pipavav’s Perspective
S. K. Patnaik
Pagination: 187-190
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Technology Upgradation with Multi Level Inverter – A Scheme for Life Enhancement of Short Circuit Alternator
Arun Kumar Datta
Pagination: 191-198
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Advanced High Strength Steels for Light-Weight Automotive
Omkar Nath Mohanty
Pagination: 199-201
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Failure of Cold Drawn Steel Wires due to Formation of Friction Martensite
Balbir Singh
Pagination: 202-208
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