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Background and Purpose: Hypericum species (Guttiferae) are of important for developing pharmaceutical drugs as herbal remedies, due to fact that their rich phytochemical compounds, besides, wide range of biological properties. Among the species, Hypericum capitatum CHOISY var. capitatum CHOISY, an endemic medicinal plant, naturally distributes in the Southeastern region of Turkey. Thus, we aimed to carry out a comprehensive investigation on determining phytochemical content, as well as determining essential oil composition and mineral concentration of the aerial parts, stem and flowers of the plant. Moreover, potential DNA protective capacity of the extracts from the plant was evaluated in the presented research. Material and Methods: Quantification of hypericin content in methanol extracts was measured by spectrophotometric method and the content of hypericin (%) calculated. Essential oil composition of the parts of the plant was performed using GC-FID and GC-MS, and concentration of major and trace elements determined by ICP-OES. DNA protective activity of the water and ethanol extracts from stem, leaves and flowers of the plant were assigned using pBR322 plasmid DNA in the presence of UV/H2O2. Results: Chromatographic analysis results were showed that nonane and α-pinene amounting to 90.72% were major components for stem, while, α-pinene, undecane and cis-ocimene by rate of 83.75% were major components for aerial parts of the plant, in addition, hypericin content in the flowers was found 0.029%. Regarding of mineral contents, concentration of sixteen mineral were determined for each parts, and most of the determined concentrations were found in accordance with tolerable limits of FAO/WHO for human consumption. As for DNA protection potential of the extracts of the plant, they exhibited powerful DNA protective potential even at the lowest concentration (25μg/ml). Conclusion: The results revealed that the plant has a substantial potential for developing novel drugs in pharmaceutical industry.


Hypericum capitatum CHOISY var. Capitatum CHOISY, Hypericin, Essential Oil, DNA-Protective Activity, Mineral Content.
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