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Padhi, Satya Prasad

  • Assessing Manufacturing Growth in India: An Alternative View

  • Economics of Skill Formation:A Note on the Need for Proper Manufacturing Base

  • Income Distribution, Employment Growth & the Kaldor-Verdoorn Growth Facts

  • Human Capital Formation, Good Employment Opportunities & the Firm

  • Scale Effect Versus Young’s ‘Acceleration Principle’: The Empirical Issues

  • Export Surplus & the Complementarities Among Countries:A Note

  • Economics of Economic Development:Endogeneity of Rate of Interest & Prices

  • Keynes’s Dynamic ISLM versus Taylor’s Rule

  • Modern Banking:Some Differing Perspectives & the Issue of NPA

  • Small firms’ Dynamism & The Organizational Forms: Nature of ‘Young-Kaldor Industrialization’