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Uma Reddy, M.

  • Nutritional Status of Cancer Patients in Relation to Anti-Oxidant Vitamins

  • Effect of Processing on Detoxification of Aflatoxins in Maize

  • Efficacy of Some Vegetable Oils as Protectants against the Pulse Beetle (Collosobruchus chinensis) in Green Gram (Phaseolus aureus) during Storage

  • Quality Analysis of Selected Fruit Juices Sold by Street Vendors in Hyderabad City

  • Mineral Salts as Protectants in Maida and Suji against Red Flourbeetle, Tribolium castaneum Herbst and their Effect on the Quality and Acceptability

  • Dissipation of Quinalphos and the Effect of Processing in Cauliflower

  • Effect of Home Scale Processing on the Aflatoxin B1 Content of Selected Food Grains

  • Food and Nutrition Intake with Special Reference Tofat in Take among Low Income Population of Hyderabad and Secunderabad