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Easwaran, Parvathi

  • Nutritional and Physical Fitness Status of Selected Services Athletes

  • Diet and Behaviour a Multi Disciplinary Evaluation

  • Nutritional Problems in Modern Society

  • The Science of Food an Introduction to Food Science, Nutrition and Microbiology

  • Adding Nutrients to Foods Where do we Go from Here

  • Reviews in Anthropology

  • Atherosclerosis-Is it Reversible

  • Food for Today

  • Indian Council of Medical Research

  • Laboratory Manual in Food Preservation

  • Cooking under Pressure

  • Pre - Vocational Education in Sri Lanka

  • Quality Control by Food Service

  • Cow Peas Home Preparation and Use in West Africa

  • The Cholesterol Controversy

  • The Family Guide to better Food and better Health

  • Nutrition for Mother and Child

  • Food Beverage Service Handbook

  • Report on Protein Food Promotion