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An experimental study was done in an attempt to utilize the benefits and uses of Moringa oleifera gum powder and to enhance the nutritive value of the products developed by incorporating it in orange (grape variety) and watermelon juices. The yield percentage of Moringa gum from the tree (once) was calculated. The gums were collected from the tree, processed and used for further purposes. The collected gum was determined for its physic-chemical properties. The watersoaked gum powder was incorporated in different ratios in standard orange and watermelon juice. The incorporated juices were analyzed for their improved nutrient content and sensory evaluation was done. The cost calculation for standard and incorporated juices was calculated. The developed products were popularized among young adult girl students through questionnaires and pamphlets. The nutritional importance of Moringa and Moringa gum was explained to the subjects. From the results, it was concluded that among the incorporated orange juice formulations O3 sample received the highest acceptability among the samples O, O1, O2 and O3 and in the incorporated watermelon juice formulations W2 variation received the highest overall acceptability among the samples. The nutrition quality of samples increased in the aspect of Crude fibre, Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium, Total antioxidants and Phytochemical-Flavonoids.


Juice, Moringa oleifera, Gum Powder, MOG, Nutrient Content
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